UV lights for your HVAC

Many studies have proven the effectiveness of UV lights for your HVAC system shown to kill mold and bacteria. The effectiveness of germicidal UV radiation for reducing fungal contamination in air handler units. In one office study after 4 months of operation, the fungal levels following UV operation were significantly lower. There are 2 types of UV lights for your HVAC system: […]

Mildew smell from your air conditioner

If you turn on your air conditioning system only to smell the musty smell associated with mold and mildew growth, it can be unsettling. What is that mildew smell from your air conditioner? Air conditioning should be refreshing and comfortable. The only thing more miserable than dealing with hot and stickly conditions is dealing with a foul smell coming from […]

Know the difference between mold and mildew

Do you know the difference between mold and mildew? If you are a homeowner, you need to know! Mold and mildew are both types of fungi that can be found in your home. They both thrive in moist environments, spread easily, and live on various surfaces. If left unattended, however, they can affect large areas of your property and may […]

Spring HVAC Maintenance is Important!

Spring is here and Spring HVAC maintenance is important! Maintenace ensures that your system remains in peak condition, extending its lifespan, and increasing its efficiency dramatically. But when is the best time to seek professional maintenance for your system? We, here at LHT Cooling and Heating, recommend two specific times of the the year when maintenance is essential: Spring and […]

Switching between heat and air conditioning

Are you switching between heat and air conditioning? Are you doing it in the same day? Welcome to the South (and maybe just a little global warming)! A lot of homeowners questions whether it is safe to switch between heating and cooling. Unfortunately, our unique climate here in South Carolina can make for warm days and cold nights, so you might […]

Signs you need an air purifier

Air purifiers are a great way to clean the air. In addition to investing in your health, they can help with allergies, unpleasant smells, snoring and more. Here are 7 signs you need an air purifier: You can't stop sneezing: pet dander, pollen and dust are just some of the pollutants that could be floating around in your home. The […]

Are your ducts the correct size?

If you are considering having a new HVAC system installed in your home, you must ask are your ducts the correct size! Without properly sized ducts, you could compromise your return on investment. WIthout adequate air flow and well-designed ducts that match your system, you could end up with significantly reduced home comfort and migh higher operating costs. Sizing Method: […]


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