Spring HVAC Maintenance is Important!

Spring is here and Spring HVAC maintenance is important! Maintenace ensures that your system remains in peak condition, extending its lifespan, and increasing its efficiency dramatically. But when is the best time to seek professional maintenance for your system? We, here at LHT Cooling and Heating, recommend two specific times of the the year when maintenance is essential: Spring and Fall

Maintenance in the Spring is crucial because the demands you are about to place on your system going into the summer will be high. And you will want your air conditioner to be at peak performance, ensuring the most cost-effective and comfort-oriented summer you can get! Still not convinced – consider the following benefits of a Spring maintenance.

  • Improved efficiency – the words "energy efficient" get thrown around a lot in the HVAC world. But what do they actually mean? The efficiency of your unit directly affects how much you will pay for your utility bill. Poor efficiency means high cost, which means you need your system working at its best.
  • Improved air quality – Spring and Summer here at the beach is wonderful. But it's also known for allergens and high pollen levels. Your system needs to be properly maintained to ensure you get the best air quality and the least allergens in your home.
  • Better system lifespan – repairing and replacing your HVAC system is one of the most costly things done in your home. A system that isn't properly maintained can have half the life of a professional maintained system.

LHT Cooling and Heating offers our SEA (Safety and Efficiency Agreement) which will give you the two recommended cleanings and the extra benefits of 15% off all repairs (parts and labor) and NO overtime charges! Did you also know that in order to keep you warranty in effect, you must show that your system is regularly maintained by a licensed HVAC technician.

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