6 Reasons To Consider A Cooling & Heating Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance for your cooling and heating system may be the most important aspect of maintaining your home. There is nothing worse than NOT having the proper temperature when it is needed most. Failure to do appropriate service work on your system could result in very uncomfortable moments for your family.

Here are the top 6 reasons to consider a Safety and Efficiency Agreement (SEA) with LHT:

  1. Avoid untimely breakdowns. Are you familiar with Murphy’s Law? Chances are, when your furnace or heatpump is about to break down, it is not going to give you fair warning or wait until it is convenient for you. Not only are emergency repairs inconvenient, they can also be quite costly. Having routine maintenance will help avoid those emergencies by finding and fixing smaller issues before they get larger and eventually take down the system.
  2. Save money on energy bills. Your gas or electric furnace, heatpump and air conditioner might be quietly costing you big bucks without any indication that there is anything wrong. Make sure your system is running efficiently with regular preventative maintenance and save money each month with lower cooling and heating bills.
  3. Discounts on repairs. AtLHTSEA customers receive 15% discounts on all parts and repairs.  That’s money back in your pocket.
  4. VIP Priority Service. If your system breaks down during a particularly busy time (remember Murphy’s Law), you would not be charged any overtime fees ever.
  5. Peace of mind. You can rest assured that your equipment is well taken care of, running efficiently, and will last a long time.
  6. Last but NOT least of all:Keeps your warranty intact. Quoted from a limited warranty certificate – “To receive the benefits and advantages of this warranty, yearly maintenance must be performed by a licensed contractor. Satisfactory proof of yearly service by a licensed contractor will be required.”


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