HVAC Maintenance Agreement

HVAC Maintenance Agreement

LHT’s Safety and Efficiency Agreement (SEA) includes the following:

• Two 23-Point Precision Tune-ups and Professional cleanings annually
• 15% off all service parts, materials, and labor
• Absolute priority service and scheduling
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

SEA 23-point precision tune-up and professional cleaning checklist (as needed):

1. Chemically clean and thoroughly wash condenser coil(s).
2. Thoroughly clean or replace standard air-filter(s).
3. Wash and level condensing unit for proper motor and bearing wear.
4. Lubricate motor and fan bearings as well as other moving parts as necessary.
5. Clean and inspect evaporator coil and drain pan when readily accessible.
6. Clean and inspect condensate drain lines and fittings.
7. Clean, level, and calibrate thermostat.
8. Adjust and thoroughly clean blower motor and fan assembly as needed.
9. Inspect, tighten and test all electrical connections. This includes disconnect switch.
10. Inspect all system electrical wires, connectors, and terminals.
11. Test system starting and running capacitors.
12. Test all controls, switches, relays, transformers, contactors, motors, and fans.
13. Measure starting and running amperes, line voltage, and control voltage.
14. Test system-starting capabilities.
15. Test system for proper airflow and air delivery.
16. Inspect and adjust all safety controls.
17. Monitor refrigerant (Freon) pressures and temperatures.
18. Test and record super-heat and sub-cooling. Compare with factory specifications.
19. Adjust Freon metering control device per factory/manufacturers recommendations.
20. Test and measure system for proper production and capacity.
21. Monitor fan motors and compressor operating temperatures.
22. Apply weather resistant protective coating to the outside unit (condenser).
23. Complete and present full written report and make any necessary recommendations.

Please call to sign up, have us send a contract, or to ask any further questions.


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