Closed return duct in ceiling with air filter.

More About Air Filters…

In previous articles, we talked a little about the filters for your HVAC system(s). Here is more about air filters… What Are Air Filters? To start, we should explain what these filters are. HVAC filters are a component to keep certain particles from going into your system. Layers are put together with the intended materials for the filtration process. These […]

Two Airtemp systems outside on a concrete pad

What Does SEER Stand For?

When looking or talking about getting a new system, you will likely hear the term SEER. But what does SEER stand for? S- Seasonal E- Energy E- Efficient R- Ratio SEER is a type of measurement in the HVAC world to tell the energy efficiency of a system. For example, Trane sells systems from 14-22 SEER. An 18 SEER system […]

Outside HVAC Trane system

How Your HVAC System Can Affect Allergies

In the South, the Spring can be the worst time of year for many. Pollen levels are at a all time high, flowers are blooming, dust is building and many other allergen triggers. When we are inside, we tend to feel the safest from them, but your HVAC system can come into play. So, how can your HVAC system affect […]

Picture of a snowed backyard with a forest and fence

Tips to Keep the Heat In

Growing up, our parents always told us to not let the warm air out. Here are some tips to keep the heat in your home or business:

Picture of a front yard forest and iced over grass/driveway.

Is Your Heat Struggling?

As the weather drops in temperature, your home or business space may not be the warmth preferred. Is your heat struggling? Signs that your heat is struggling To start, heat pumps generally struggle when the weather drops to 32F or lower. This is when the system automatically turn on Auxiliary or Emergency Heat. This is not uncommon, it is your […]

Auxiliary Heat vs. Emergency Heat

Ever notice one of these options show up on your thermostat? Here’s more on Auxiliary Heat vs. Emergency Heat: To start, why might one of these show up? Heat pumps are the part of your HVAC system that is meant to heat your home or commercial building. However, sometimes the weather gets too cold and the heat pump struggles to […]

Above is a change out done in 2014 for one of our long term customers. Nine years later and the systems has been kept up through a maintenance agreements and few repairs.

Signs You May Need a New HVAC System

There will come a time when your HVAC system may need to be replaced. Here are 4 signs on when you may need a new HVAC system: 15+ Years Old As we get older, our system does too. Wear and tear is very common for any item or appliance. Most HVAC systems can go the first 10 years with little […]

New Shop


We are excited to announce that LHT Cooling, Heating, & Refrigeration has officially moved into it’s new shop! Our address is now: 101 AP Thompson Rd, Longs, SC 29568. Here we have a reception area, bigger offices, an accessible parking lot, and a larger sheet metal shop with two garage doors for the work trucks. With our new location, we […]

Rooftop unit elevated and secured.

Ways to Protect your HVAC System during Stormy Season

If you live in South Carolina, you know that we get a lot of tropical storms and hurricanes this time around. So, to help everyone out, here is a list of ways to protect your HVAC system during stormy season. Clean around the Outside Unit An easy way to protect your system is to clean the area around your outside […]

Jonathan cleaning outdoor unit

More reasons for a Fall HVAC Cleaning

Here are a few more reasons why you should schedule a fall HVAC cleaning! If you wanted to check out the first few, here’s the link: #1. Better Air Quality Allergies, asthma, and influenza. These are very common respiratory issues impacted by the air we are around. We want the air quality in your home at an optimum. An […]


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