7 Mistakes HVAC Contractors Make

Here at LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc. we are human – and we do make mistakes. But, here are 7 mistakes HVAC contractors make – that we don’t!

  1. Not understanding combustion safety– When responding to a call about carbon monoxide, most contractors will check for cracks in the heat exchanger. If they don’t find any, they assume it was a false alarm and just change the batteries in the CO detector. If your HVAC tech is not testing for flue gases and worst-case depressurization, he is leaving a potentially dangerous situation.
  2. Focusing on “the box” and ignoring air flow– If HVAC contractors understand airflow, the duct systems would be larger than they are. So many homes have improperly sized ductwork, not to mention leaky ducts.
  3. Ignoring the opportunities in home performance– Many contractors going into homes every day, go into attics, crawl spaces and basements, but don’t include the insulation and air-sealing work that is required for maximum comfort.
  4. Forgetting the V in HVAC – Yes, ventilation!If your contractor is not addressing the “V” he’s just a HAC (hack)! Newer homes require higher levels of air sealing. However, tight homes need ventilation! And all homes needs spot ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms.
  5. Skipping the math– Don’t be scammed by some telling you they been doing it longer than you’ve been alive. Heating and cooling systems aren’t the same as they were 50 years ago. Nor are homes. Rules of thumb don’t work anymore because every house is different.
  6. Trying to be the lowest bidder– this never works. You’ve heard the saying “you get what you pay for!” To be the lowest bidder means the company is not paying for qualified technicians. This is no way to run a business.
  7. Failure to use house-as-a-system thinking– Once you include combustion safety, distribution and ventilation in your scope, you’re ready to go beyond and look at the whole house.

LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc. will not make these mistakes. We prefer to have happier and loyal customers, more referrals and peace of mind!


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