Add A Heat Pump Tune-Up To Your Spring Cleaning List

As you compose a list of Spring cleaning tasks for your home, don’t forget to add a heat pump tune-up to your Spring cleaning list. A seasonal tune-up is important for proper operation, and the affordability of the service makes it a worthwhile investment. Summer will be here before you know, and you will appreciate the fact that your system provides the comfort you want in your home.

What is a heat pump tune-up?

A heat pump tune-up service is a comprehensive inspection of your equipment with relevant adjustments and recommendations. From the time you first used your heat pump, it began to experience wear and tear. Over time, moving parts can become worn or weak. Refrigerant lines can leak and system performance can be affected. When LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc., arrives for a maintenance call, we thoroughly examine your equipment and make necessary adjustments. We bring problems to your attention so they can be corrected before the summer cooling season. We also make recommendations for services that may be needed to improve your system’s operation.

There are some conditions that can lead to damage or failure in your cooling system. We clean coils and condensate pans. A build-up of dirt in the coils can impede the airflow and lead to poor system performance and high bills. Your coils can freeze as a result of dirt build-up, leading to compressor damage. Your energy efficiency can be affected by as much as 2o percent, and cleaning can make a big difference in your energy costs.

Low refrigerant levels indicate a potential leak. We add refrigerant as needed. We also pinpoint and make needed leak repairs. A lack of 10 percent in your refrigerant lines can elevate your energy usage by approximately 20 percent. Additionally, low refrigerant levels can lead to frozen coils and a damaged compressor. Preventative maintenance allows these issues to be corrected before they can cause damage.

So add a heat pump tune-up to your Spring cleaning list by call us at LHT!


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