Beat The Dog Days Of Summer With Your AC

Temperatures in the 90’s – heat indexes in the 100’s – follow these tips to beat the dog days of summer with your A/C. You may find your A/C working overtime to keep up, but there are some things to consider whether you have central air or a window unit.

  1. Don’t expect too much from your A/C. Most units can only affect indoor temperatures by 15-20 degrees. So if it’s 95 outside, be thankful if your indoor temperature is 75. Your system is designed to keep you comfortable for a large majority of the year, outside the dog days of summer, without unnecessary costs.
  2. Don’t turn the thermostat down to 65 and expect it to get cooler. This just won’t work and you risk freezing and damaging your system. If you notice frost on any part of the equipment, turn your system off and let those lines thaw.
  3. Change those filters! Since your unit is working hardest in these dog days of summer, airflow is critical. Inspect those filters and keep them clean. Also keep weeds and dirt away from the outdoor unit.
  4. Install an attic fan and run in the evening and through the night when temperatures drop outside. Turn it off in the morning before the day starts to heat up. You can also install ceiling fans in every room. They will not only help in the summer, but also circulate your heat better in the winter.
  5. Make sure your attic is ventilated and insulated. If your attic is poorly ventilated it can reach temperatures of 170 degrees. And insulation is not just for keeping heat in – it is also an effective barrier against the heat.
  6. Cover those windows! Insulated blinds and drapes will keep bright sunlight out and, therefore, keep temperatures lower.

These 6 simple steps that every homeowner can do on their own will help you beat the dog days of summer.  And hang in there – Fall is just around the corner.


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