Benefits to Adding an Air Purifier to your HVAC

What are the benefits to adding an air purifier to your HVAC: Air purifiers use a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a series of filters that remove airborne particles like dust, pollen and bacteria. The air purifier then circulates the purified air back into the room.

Here are 10 reasons to consider why you should add an air purifier to your HVAC:

  • Air purifiers ensure your family is breathing clean air. Indoor air is estimated to be 2 to 5 times dirtier than outdoor air.
  • Air purifiers remove unpleasant odors. Your weekly fish dinner was delicious, but the cooking smell isn’t.
  • Air purifiers trap airborne allergens released by pets. You love your pet, but your furry friend releases pet dander which is not healthy to breathe.
  • Air purifiers neutralize smoke. Smoke stinks! Whether you have a family member that smokes or you love a roaring fire, an air purifier can help trap smoke before it ends up in your upholstery.
  • Air purifiers trap dust. There will always be dust no matter how clean your home is. An air purifier helps trap the dust before it has a chance to settle.
  • Air purifiers remove up to 99% of airborne bacteria. Small airborne particles like pollen, mold spores and other bacteria float around in the air causing your family to get sick.
  • Air purifiers combat seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies are a problem for many people. Air purifiers help keep these allergens out of your home.
  • Air purifiers stop germs from spreading. This is especially helpful in flu season. True HEPA air purifiers with UV bulbs capture and neutralize 99.97% of the airborne germs you want to avoid.
  • Air purifiers keep your lungs healthy. Consistent exposure to dust, pollen, dander, and other airborne particles can cause long-term breathing and health issues for your and your family.
  • Air purifiers fit everywhere. They come in a variety of sizes and have a variety of features that will keep your home healthy.

As you can see, there are many benefits to adding an air purifier to your HVAC system. Call us today!


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