Consider replacing your AC system . . .

Equipment Age

It does not have to stop working completely in order to consider replacing your AC system. But, there are signs that signal when it’s time to replace your old unit. Of course, if it stops working all together, a replacement will follow naturally. In the meantime, there are 5 signs that should make you consider replacing your AC system.

  1. Constant need of repairs – an occasional breakdown here an there is unavoidable, but when breakdowns become the norm, occurring more than just a couple of times in a year, that signifies that it’s time for a replacement. Over time, the cost of the repairs may run as high or higher than the cost of a new unit.
  2. Unusual noises – your unit should run smoothly with little friction or internal resistance. Constant noises can be traced to specific components which could include faulty ductwork, loose vents, dirty filters, worn out motors, etc. At times it is possible to repair those specific components. However, when nothing changes the noises even after attempting repairs, you may decide to change the whole system.
  3. Rising energy bills – when you observe steadily increasing utility bills while still have the same number of appliances in your home, look to your AC system first as it is the biggest drain on your utility bill.
  4. Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home – if certain parts in your house are always warmer or colder compared to the rest of the house, something is definitely off. Other inconsistent conditions such as relative humidity will also signify a problem with your system.
  5. The age of the equipment – even the best of systems will slow down and not be as efficient over the long haul. Age catches up to everything, even our overworked heat pumps. Some recommend replacing them after 10 years of service, because internally they are constantly aging in irreversible ways. Updating on account of age is certainly a proactive step!

Of course, there are many advantages to consider replacing your AC system. Call one of our experienced licensed technicians here at LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc. to get a quote on a new replacement system today!


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