Don’ts when hiring an HVAC contractor . . . 4th in our series

The 4th and final in our series of don’ts when hiring an HVAC contractor – choosing the wrong one and you risk getting a system that will not do what it is supposed to do. Remember the most important part of shopping for a new heating and air conditioning system is to pick the right contractor – like those here at LHT Cooling and Heating.Myrtle Beach HVAC Services

  1. Don’t make a rushed decision – If your old equipment fails in the middle of the summer, you may be feeling pressed to make a quick decision and just choose whoever is cheapest or can install it the fastest. Many people do the same thing. What we’ve found is that the good companies are already booked serving their existing customers, and the companies who can respond quickly are those that can’t get any work. You could end up wasting money for a system that will never work right.
  2. Don’t assume the lowest prices company is the one you should hire – While price is a big factor, don’t let the initial cost be the only consideration when choosing a contractor. As with most things in life, price is usually an indication of quality.  The long term costs to own it far exceed the initial cost to buy it.
  3. Don’t choose a contractor who doesn’t have the proper instruments – A good contractor will not only recommend “testing” during the initial diagnostic process, he will also recommend “testing” after the system is installed for quality control.
  4. Don’t put up with high pressure salespeople – As with any home improvement, watch out for high pressure salespeople. Automatically reject any company that tries to pressure you into signing a contract or claims they’ve overstocked their equipment and can give you some “deal.” If you do feel you were forced into signing a contract you did not want to honor, there are consumer protection laws that would enable you to cancel that contract.

We are hoping this series will help make the decision process of purchasing a new heating and air system flow much better. As always, don’t hesitate to call LHT for all you cooling and heating needs!


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