Fall is the best time to upgrade your a/c system

It’s finally Fall and the oppressive heat of the summer is behind us. What a relief you don’t have to think about that energy-hogging a/c for a while. Or do you? Let us tell you why Fall is the best time to upgrade your a/c system. How old is that a/c unit? Did it perform efficiently and reliably this summer? If you have an older unit, the Fall season is the ideal time to consider replacing it.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider replacing that old unit this Fall:

  1. Convenience – Fall is the most convenient time to replace or upgrade you a/c system. The weather is more moderate so you and your family can enjoy more comfortable temperatures during the installation process. In addition, HVAC companies are experiencing less emergency calls during the Fall, so they often have a more convenient schedule for consultation and installation.
  2. Time – Since you are not using your a/c system in the Fall, you have more time to find the perfect system for your home. You have more time to research and consult with HVAC experts in order to find the right system to meet your home and your family’s comfort needs. It is always better to plan ahead, rather than rushing to find a new system when yours breaks down. Your a/c unit will most definitely fail on the hottest day of the summer – the odds just seem to go this way!
  3. Price – Another reason why Fall is the best time to upgrade your a/c system is that many companies offer rebates or discounts during the Fall.

While you’re at it, have your ductwork checked. It probably hasn’t been updated since the system was originally installed. A lot may have changed since then.

We know replacing your a/c system can be quite expensive. Before you make any decisions, call us here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc. Our technicians will help explain why Fall is the best time to upgrade your a/c system.


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