How To Fix Your Frozen Air Conditioner

Usually, when we need them the most, our air conditioners will freeze up.  There are three typical reasons why you will find your air conditioner has frozen. They are:

  1. A refrigerant leak – if the amount of refrigerant in your coil is not enough to absorb enough heat, this will result in freezing.
  2. Lack of airflow – this is commonly caused by dirty air filters or undersized air ducts, which can cause the temperature of your air conditioner’s cooling coil to drop below freezing.
  3. Outdoor temperature – if the temperature outdoors drops significantly, this could cause your air conditioner to freeze.

So, when this happens, how do you fix your frozen air conditioner? No matter the reason for your frozen air conditioner, the first thing you need to do is shut it off to let it defrost. This will immediately prevent further damage to your cooling system.

Next, check the air filters to see if they are blocked or dirty. If necessary, clean or replace the filters. Wait about 24 hours before checking your frozen air conditioner, particularly checking for ice on the compressor. If your frozen air conditioner has thawed, the air filters were likely the issue.

However, if that is not the case, another reason for your frozen air conditioner could be the lack of refrigerant. Your local HVAC contractor, LHT Cooling Heating and Refrigeration, will need to be called to correct the refrigerant levels. Also, best left to LHT, would be any issues with the defrost timer. Our professional technicians will know exactly where the refrigerant levels should be and can fix any leaks to prevent further issues from occurring. Keep in mind that if your refrigerant levels are low, there is a leak somewhere.

If you are experiencing any issues with your frozen air conditioner, we at LHT are here to help.


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