Heat pump is iced up

It’s never normal to see ice this time of the year here in South Carolina on your HVAC system. But what should you do if your heat pump is iced up? The indoor unit, the outdoor unit and interconnecting line-set can ice up if the thermostat is turned down too low.

We recommend NEVER turning it below 70 degrees when running your air conditioning. This could potentially cause your indoor coil to frost or freeze up. It could also cause your ductwork to sweat, which could lead to water or mold damage in your walls and ceiling.

If you see ice anywhere on a heat pump or air conditioner during the warmer months, then there is most likely a problem. You should turn it off immediately. Listed are possible causes that you as a homeowner can check for yourself:

  • clogged or blocked air filter
  • supply or return vents blocked or closed
  • running air conditioner with doors or windows open
  • setting thermostat too low – below 70 degrees

For any of these reasons, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals – like those here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc.:

  • bad indoor fan motor – running slow or not running at all
  • loose, worn or broken fan belt
  • bad indoor fan relay
  • extremely dirty blower wheel
  • low refrigerant charge
  • restriction
  • blocked capillary tube
  • blocked orifice
  • faulty expansion valve
  • stuck compressor contactor
  • faulty thermostat
  • extremely dirty or damaged indoor coil

Also keep in mind, if you have a central humidifier, make sure it is shut off and if it has a damper – close it for the summer.


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