Heat Pump Tips

Follow these important Heat Pump Tips to make you more comfortable this winter:

  • Your first heat pump tip is quite simple: set your thermostat at one temperature. Constant adjusting can cause higher utility costs, especially in the winter.
  • If using an programmable thermostat, limit your setbacks to twice a day, such as when you are working and when you are sleeping.
  • Only setback the thermostat a difference of 5 degrees between desired temperatures.
  • During the heating season, try not to set the thermostat below 65 degrees.
  • In the cooling mode (summer season), try not to set the thermostat below 70 degrees. In addition to higher utility costs, this can also cause the indoor coil to freeze and cause condensation in your home.
  • Make it a habit to monitor your outdoor heat pump during the winter months for signs of ice or snow build-up. Especially after a storm.
  • If the unit is covered in ice or snow, it must be removed in order for it to work properly. Turn the thermostat to Emergency Heat or Off, then begin to remove the ice or snow. You can pour warm water over the unit to melt the ice or snow, even cold water from the hose – but NEVER use hot water.
  • NEVER use sharp objects to pick or knock the ice off the coils. This could cause severe damage, not to mention personal injury.
  • Once you have cleared any ice or snow, turn the thermostat back to normal heating. If the unit ices up again, call LHT for service.
  • Do not let the outdoor unit sit underneath a leaky gutter. In the winter months, water will drip on top of the unit and freeze. This will restrict air flow and cause the whole unit to freeze-up.
  • Heat pumps should be elevated 4 to 8 inches off the ground to keep coils clear of ice, snow and debris and allow for proper drainage.

We hope these heat pump tips will keep you worry free all winter long!


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