Humidity and your air conditioner


If your air conditioning system is working efficiently, it will remove the proper amount of heat and moisture from your living area, resulting in a comfortable environment. Humidity and your air conditioner are important in achieving that comfort level.

When the humidity is high, it makes sense that the A/C system works harder to keep your home cool. If you are dealing with an older, inefficient or wrong-sized system, it may not be able to handle the job. Your home may end up feeling warmer than it actually is because the air is holding extra moisture that isn’t properly being removed. What’s more, the system will be working longer and harder without providing the desired result. This adds wear and tear on the unit and results in high utility bills.

It is important to know that bigger isn’t always better. It is imperative that your system be sized correctly by an experienced HVAC technician, like those here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc. If your central A/C system is not giving you the results you want in the way of comfort, one of the problems can be excessive moisture in the air. Some obvious signs that this is a problem:

  1. The air in your home feels damp
  2. There is a damp or musty smell in parts of your home
  3. Your windows are foggy

These factors tell a lot about the humidity and your air conditioner. You need to take action to adjust humidity levels.

Strategies for dehumidification:

  1. Have a plan before the hot days of summer begin
  2. Have a professional, like those here at LHT, install a dehumidifier directly on your HVAC system
  3. Purchase a stand-alone dehumidifier and monitor it regularly

When humidity levels are managed in the summer months, A/C systems can perform more effectively. The benefits will be added comfort and more energy efficiency, along with reducing the unpleasant effects of high humidity.



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