Hurricane Season Is Fast Approaching

With hurricane season fast approaching, make sure your home and your HVAC are ready! While Tropical Storm Ana was not that bad, it is always best to “be prepared.” And although you can’t control the weather, you can prepare your home to minimize damages.

In addition to covering and securing your outside HVAC equipment, you should also secure or bring inside any loose objects in your yard. Hurricanes are notorious for picking up loose items and throwing them, possibly right at your outdoor unit. Have your licensed technician here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration inspect your system and recommend additional measures that should be taken.

Before the storm: Turn off your HVAC system. If you are using a window unit, unplug it and remove, then seal the opening. You should also shut off breakers going to the unit to help prevent damage. Since the system will be out of commission during the storm, try to cool down the home as much as possible before shutting down.

Cover outside equipment with a tarp or plywood to prevent any debris from getting inside the unit. Hurricane straps are also very useful, but be sure if they are installed, that you check them regularly for wear and tear. This is especially important if your unit is installed on an elevated platform, as these units are more susceptible to being lifted off the platform by hurricane winds.

Power surges are another potential hazard to your HVAC equipment during storms. An electric surge can take out your A/C unit. A point of entry surge protector can be installed to protect your whole house, as well as individual surge protectors for important devices like computers or televisions.

After the storm: Before you turn your air conditioner back on, do a full inspection of the unit. Check the exterior for damage and check the inside to make sure that debris hasn’t infiltrated the unit. If everything looks ok and the unit isn’t sitting in a puddle of water, turn it on. If you are in doubt as to whether it is safe or not, call us at LHT to come out and inspect the unit for you. This could help prevent costly damage from debris or wildlife that make have taken refuge in the unit.

Follow these easy steps with hurricane season fast approaching, and your HVAC system will be one less thing to worry about!


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