An Ounce of Prevention

A preventative maintenance of your heating and cooling system can save you money.  A typical inspection includes a cleaning of the indoor and outdoor condenser coils, lubricating parts, adjusting airflow, calibrating thermostats and inspecting ductwork. As the system runs, it accumulates dirt and dust in the condensing coils.  By removing that dirt and dust, the system will run much more […]

Added Protection For Cold & Flu Season

Ultraviolet lights have been destroying airborne pathogens for over 100 years. They have been used in food processing plants, butcher shops and slaughterhouses since the early 1900’s. However, in the last 10 years UV systems have been developed to operate effectively in your HVAC system. You might not know it, but every HVAC system is basically a mold factory. This […]

Upgrade & Save!

This is a notice that was recently put out by Santee Cooper: Want to save money on your electric bill but are afraid of the costs to upgrade? Let Santee Cooper help with our Reduce the Use program. We will pay up to $250 per ton when you upgrade your HVAC unit to a higher efficiency unit. And, even better, […]

HVAC Tax Credit Being Reinstated

What qualifies for the credit? Water Heaters – $300 Tax Credit • Electric heat pump water heaters with energy factors of at least 2.0 • Natural gas, propane or oil water heaters with energy factors of at least .08 or thermal efficiencies of at least 90% Furnaces – $150 Tax Credit • Natural gas, propane or oil furnaces with AFUE […]

Tricks to Trimming Heating Bills

Sealing drafts in your home could reduce your bills 3% to 18%, according to Danny Parker, a research scientist who works with the Department of Energy. Following are some good suggestions for reducing drafts in your home: GO FOR DURABLE WEATHER STRIPPING Cheap self-adhesive foam will probably work loose before spring. Instead, buy bronze strips and cut them to size […]

How Often Should I Change my Filters? What Filters Should I Use?

Every central heating and air conditioning system has one or more filters that should be changed monthly. The location of the filter rack varies from home to home, but most can be found in a hallway near your thermostat. There are many types of filters, some promising to be “extended life” or “hypo-allergen” and can be quite expensive. These filters […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Mold

Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposures included allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints. There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment; the way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

According to recent studies, consumers who follow a preventative maintenance plan for their home comfort systems which includes cleaning the burners, combustion chamber and heat exchanger surfaces before the heating season plus regular filter cleaning/replacement can save 10% or more on their heating and cooling costs each year. Call LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration today at 843-663-2665 to find out […]

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is here, along with the crisp, cool weather.  While Fall is a beautiful time of the year, there are a few chores that should be done to prepare our homes for the winter months ahead. OUTSIDE: Drain and store garden hoses Check the caulk around your doors and windows Inspect external doors and the garage door to make sure […]

What is a “Seer Rating”?

“SEER” stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  In laymen’s terms, the higher the SEER rating on your air conditioning unit, the more efficient the unit is on electricity usage.  As of January 2006, air conditioning units sold in the US are required to be rated 13 SEER or higher.  A SEER rating only has bearing on the air conditioning side […]


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