HVAC Tips to Save Energy & Money

The average household spends more than $2,200 a year on energy bills, and more than half of that comes from cooling and heating costs. With the summer in full swing and homeowners turning their air conditioning on full blast, these HVAC tips to save energy and money will surely help! You can save electricity and avoid hefty repair bills by following these tips. Of course, the best time for HVAC maintenance is before the extreme temperatures hit!

DIY Maintenance:

  • Clean/change the air filter. We can’t say this enough – doing so can lower your energy consumption by up to 15%. In the summertime, you should change your filter once per month.
  • Clear the area around the outdoor unit. Keep vegetation at least 2 feet away from the unit so it is free to pull in air.

Call in a Professional to:

  • Clear the drain. A clogged drain can waste nearly as much energy as a dirty filter because your unit has to work harder to send out even less cool air.
  • Clean the outdoor and indoor units. The technicians here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc., will keep the outdoor condenser fan running efficiently by cleaning the fan blades, and will maintain the unit’s ability to cool air moving through it by removing dust and other build-up from the indoor evaporator coil.

Help your HVAC do its job:

  • Get a programmable thermostat. It’s easier to save energy with a programmable thermostat than a regular one because you don’t have to think about it each time you want to change the temperature.  With “smart” programmable thermostats, you can even control the temperature from your smartphone.
  • Seal your heating and cooling ducts and any open spaces. Make sure doors, windows and nooks and crannies are shut and properly sealed.
  • Set your thermostat to your “ideal” temperature. Setting the thermostat lower does NOT cool your home off any faster. It just keeps the unit working longer and harder than it needs to.

You might choose to replace your system with a high-energy efficient unit. Today’s newer systems use up to 40% less energy than older systems. So, follow these HVAC tips to save energy and money, and be sure to call us at LHT if you have any questions!


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