Igniting The American Economy

While congressional leaders debate ways on igniting the American economy, they need to look no further than the HVAC industry.

Studies of residential HVAC equipment have shown that a large majority of these systems are not being installed correctly. The following has been found:

  • 72 percent are oversized – a system that is too large or too small can greatly impact not only the homeowner’s comfort and health, but can also impact the energy consumption and the life of the equipment.
  • 68 percent are overcharged – even just a slight over or under-charge can effect energy consumption by as much as 18 to 25 percent.
  • 70 percent have improper air flow – this affects both sensible and latent heat efficiency and decreases energy efficiency.
  • 91 percent remain untested for combustion safety and efficiency – a minor air/fuel ration inaccuracy will affect efficiency by as much as 18 to 20 percent.

With HVAC accounting for 43 percent of the energy used in homes and 37 percent in commercial buildings you could see how much money we could save and see its igniting the American economy. Energy efficiency can be maximized through proper education. Utility companies (such as Santee Cooper) have rebate programs to quality installation standards based on energy codes. Millions are available for homeowners using qualified technicians who comply. LHT Cooling Heating and Refrigeration is currently a Trade Ally of Santee Cooper.

Building code requirements for testing and sealing ductwork for both new construction and retrofits are done by qualified techs performing two specific duct leakage tests. A large portion of wasted energy comes from leaky, unsealed ducts. Using the correct tools to measure airflow that will keep your home comfortable is also done by qualified techs.

Igniting the American economy and running these HVAC systems in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications creates new jobs and gives Americans extra money to spend each and every month.


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