Is Your Indoor Air Quality Good or Bad?

Indoor air quality can include temperature, humidity, lack of outdoor air, mold from water damage, or exposure to other chemicals.

  1. What is considered “good” indoor air quality? The qualities of good indoor air quality include a comfortable temperature and humidity, an adequate supply of fresh outdoor air, and control of pollutants from inside and outside your home.
  2. What are the most common causes of indoor air quality problems?
    • Not enough ventilation
    • Lack of fresh outdoor air
    • Contaminated air being brought into your home
    • Poor upkeep of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems
    • Dampness and moisture damage due to leaks, flooding or high humidity
    • Occupant activities, including construction, remodeling, smoking
    • Indoor and outdoor contaminated air
  3. How can I tell if there is an indoor air quality problem in my home? You may notice unpleasant or musty odors. Or you may feel your home is hot and stuffy. Some homeowners will notice they don’t feel well at home. When they leave, their symptoms improve. If you have symptoms that only get worse when you are home, talk to your doctor.
  4. Is there a test for indoor air quality? There is no single test. An inspection of your heating and air conditioning system by a professional HVAC technician, like those here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc., will uncover any problems with your system. Leaks need to be eliminated. Standing water in humidifiers or air conditioning units can be contaminated with bacteria and need to be eliminated.

Pollutants commonly found in indoor air are responsible for many harmful effects. There is a lot of uncertainty about what concentrations or periods of exposure are necessary to produce specific health problems. Some health effects don’t show up till years after exposure. Therefore, it is prudent to try to improve your indoor air quality even if the symptoms are barely noticeable.


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