Is your air conditioner ready for the hurricane?

Remember, as you make your plans and prepare your emergency hurricane kits, pay special attention – is your air conditioner ready for the hurricane? You’ve spent a lot of money having these systems installed and maintained. With proper precautions you can protect your investment and avoid an unpleasant situation.

Here are a few steps to follow in order for your HVAC system to be ready for hurricanes or extreme weather:

Pre-storm Check List

  1. Secure the HVAC system – make sure that outside HVAC components are secured to a base using metal tie down, hurricane straps (especially on rooftop units) or protective cage.
  2. Turn the AC off – be sure to turn the system completely off during the storm, both at the thermostat and at the circuit breaker. In the event of flooding, power to the AC or air handler may be a fire hazard or cause electrical shock.
  3. Remove loose items around and near the equipment. Make sure to scan the area around your system for loose debris. It is important to remove any items near the outdoor unit to prevent impact damage. Remember to trip and cutback any trees that may break free during a storm.
  4. Purchase back up AC unit for generator use. In the event that a storm knocks out your power completely, remedy the situation with a portable fan and/or window AC unit for generator use.

Post-storm Check List

  1. Once the storm has passed, check your equipment for any damage like dings or dents. If you feel there is something obstrucing your system and preventing it from working, it is best to call a professional – like those here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc.
  2. How to handle flooded units: If any flooding occurs on the outside or inside equipment, do not restore the power or turn on the thermostat until you are absolutely sure it is completely safe. A quick call to a service tech here at LHT will ensure your safety!

Remember hurricane or not – a well maintained system will always fare better. Call us to ensure your system is safe and running at peak performance.


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