What To Do If Lightning Hits Your Air Conditioner

Here are few tips to know what to do if lightning hits your air conditioner:

  1. Document the event! The first thing we suggest you do if lightning hits your air conditioner is to document the storm and all possible damage for insurance purposes. You will want to get a note pad and write down the date and time of the lightning strike, as well as your recollection of what happened. If you have the ability to video the damage, that will be helpful also. (While this may seem trivial, it can be important for the insurance adjuster and the burden of proof is yours.)
  2. Check your thermostat. If it is an electrical thermostat, make sure the light is lit and the thermostat has power. Turn it on, and set the temperature to trigger the fan unit to come on.
    • If the thermostat doesn’t work, check your breaker
    • If it’s a battery operated thermostat, replace the battery
    • If all power issues have been checked and the thermostat still doesn’t work, call us at LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc.
  3. Check the air conditioner fan unit. In split system cooling, you have an indoor fan and an outdoor condenser. After you’ve made sure the thermostat works and is telling the air conditioning system to start, you should hear the fan and/or outdoor condenser start up almost immediately. If the fan does not start:
    • Check the circuit breaker in your home
    • If you reset the breaker and it trips back off as soon as the system tries to start, call us at LHT!
    • If the power is on but the air conditioner won’t start up, it may be related to the outdoor unit.
  4. Check the outdoor condenser. In almost all cases, whether air conditioner or heat pump is like to have two circuit breakers within a few feet of the unit. Follow the large gray colored electric whip to the panel and check the breakers inside.
    • If the breakers are in the ON position, reset them by switching OFF, and then back ON.
    • If one or both immediately trip back off, call us at LHT!

So if lightning hits your air conditioner, check these things out and don’t hesitate to call us at LHT!


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