Are You Looking To Replace Your HVAC System?

If you are currently looking to replace your HVAC system, the following will be very helpful to you. We know the top things you are looking for are: long term reliability, monthly operating costs, desired air temperatures throughout the home, and most importantly – the purchase price.

Most important features: most homeowners are very concerned with the long-term reliability as well as the operating costs related to their HVAC system. They are also concerned that the system always provides the desired temperature – all year round – in all seasons – not just extreme days! Here at LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc. we know you want your system to operate for a long time without needing repairs or replacement.

Main reasons homeowners don’t want to replace their system: some reasons are very valid such as “the current system is working fine.” But others like “waiting until it breaks” are much less relevant for older systems. It is important to build replacement costs into your household budget, as you unit gets older, especially if it needs frequent repairs.
Research everything: most homeowners who have already purchased a new HVAC system will agree you should research everything. The second most important suggestion is to make sure you get a “qualified/trusted” contractor to install the new system.

A satisfied customer is usually a very well informed customer. They are educated in the “buzz” words of the industry and are also interested in energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and their health. A good contractor will ask if anyone in the home has allergies. The very satisfied customer does a lot of internet research and talks to friends and family for recommendations and referrals.

On average, homeowners take about 3 weeks to research their HVAC purchase, do significant internet research and talk to at least 2 contractors before they make a decision. However, more research does not lead to better decisions. Homeowners who picked a trusted contractor with good referrals were happier with their purchase than those who were “shopping for deals.”

So when it is time to replace your HVAC system, call the professionals at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc.!


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