Make Your Home Energy Efficient!

A comfortable home is an energy efficient home. The following steps will help make your home energy efficient!

Step 1:  Start with the right contractor

  • Not all contractors are created equal. Some are experienced in kitchen remodels, others expertise may be in bath remodels. Hire the right contractor for the job you want do. If you want a new heating and air conditioning system – call LHT, your local HVAC experts!
  • Ask for references – and then check them out. Look for online reviews or ask you neighbors who they use and are happy with.

Step 2:  Get a thorough home energy audit

  • An energy audit requires special equipment and trained individuals.
  • A blower door can be used to determine where air is leaking out of your home. Air can leak through faceplates, switches and outlets. It can also escape through windows and doors, pipes and under sinks. All this air loss can add up quickly.
  • Other tools that can be used are gas leak detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, kill-a-watt meters and lead-safe testing kits.

Step 3:  Ask the right questions

  • Air sealing: your biggest source of energy loss in your home – sealing those gaps is the quickest way to make your home energy efficient and more comfortable.
  • Reset water heater thermostat: most water heaters are set to a temperature and then hold it there. That means 24 hours a day – all day and all night – the water heater cycles on and off just to maintain the set temperature. Lowering this setting just a few degrees can save a lot of energy and you won’t even notice the difference in your hot water.
  • Programmable thermostats: Setting temps a few degrees lower with your heating system and a few degrees higher with your cooling system when you are not at home or at night when you’re sleeping can save you energy and money!
  • Insulation: adding insulation to your attic and exterior walls reduces energy demand.

Step 4: Enjoy your home

  • Your home is as unique as you are. A home energy professional can evaluate your home and your family’s specific needs and make the needed upgrades to your home.

Call a professional, like the ones here at LHT and make your home energy efficient!


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