Myth Busters: 4 Ideas About Energy Efficiency Debunked!

Ever wonder if all those “facts” you hear about energy efficiency is true or not? Well, here are 4 ideas about energy efficiency debunked!

  1. Leave a ceiling fan on while you are not in the room will help keep it cool. The facts: ceiling fans cool people NOT rooms. Unlike air conditioning units, fans are simply recirculating are and creating flow – that slight breeze we feel cools us down, but does not actually alter the temperature. Save energy by keeping the fan on while you are in the room, but shut it off when you leave – energy efficiency debunked!
  2. Turning the thermostat up or down several degrees will heat or cool your home faster. The facts:thermostats are simply temperature regulators. All they do is tell your heating and cooling system when to turn on or off once the room reaches a specific temperature. The thermostat does NOT work harder when you change the temperature, it will only make the furnace or a/c unit work longer! It’s the same principal as pressing the elevator button multiple times. It still doesn’t make the elevator come faster. The best way to save energy is to have a programmable thermostat, which you can set based on your schedule – energy efficiency debunked!
  3. Using an electric space heater saves money. The facts: this could actually be true, but a lot of variables need to be considered. In many areas of the country, homes use natural gas for their heat. Electricity can be as much as 10 times more than gas. You’ll need to compare a thermo of gas to the cost of a kilowatt-hour – energy efficiency debunked!
  4. If air is leaking from my home, it must be from the windows and doors. The facts: while windows and doors play a large role in air escaping from your home, the most extreme air leakage comes from air ducts and holes in your ceiling and attic. Installing weather stripping around doors and windows is always a good idea, but don’t forget those ducts as well – energy efficiency debunked!

It’s always best to listen to the advice of a professional, like those here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc.


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