Put The ‘V’ Back In HVAC

Breathe better and put the “V” back in HVAC. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry is more than 100 years old and we still only think in terms of heating and air conditioning. For too long, that “V” has been silent. As homes are ever-changing and becoming more energy efficient, ventilation knowledge has become more important.

The proper understanding and use of mechanical and natural ventilation can be an effective tool for optimum air quality in your home. It seems very simple to put the “V” back in HVAC. All you have to do is bring in outside fresh air and improve air quality by removing inside air pollutants. Unfortunately, it is not that simple! The standards are not easy to understand and rules of practice are full of challenges. There are products that help, but there is no “silver bullet” when it comes to clean air. Each product has its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and application challenges. As we make our homes more air-tight, we need to look more to mechanical ventilation. We need to talk about the understated and often overlooked issue of mechanical ventilation. The “V” has returned to the forefront of the industry.

Yes, ventilation in existing homes is both vexing and perplexing. New home construction is required by law to install proper ventilation to deal with new homes that are dramatically better sealed and better insulated than homes just 10 years ago. That is why it is an important and timely subject to be dealt with. If a home is too tightly sealed, even if it is extremely energy efficient, it may not be a great and healthy place to live. It is critical for the home to “exhale” stale, moist or odorous air and pipe in fresh clean air from the outside. This needs to be done using mechanical means.
We can’t kill off the need for fresh air and we must put the “V” back in HVAC!


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