Should I clean my HVAC ducts?

We get many calls from customers wanting to know the cost for cleaning their ducts in the attic. Although duct cleaning has become popular, is it worth it? Should I clean my HVAC ducts? Here are some facts to consider.

If you are routinely maintaining your HVAC system that includes a thorough cleaning of the air handler, register, grills, fans, motors, housings and coils – then we say NO! Duct cleaning services can use blowers, vacuums and brushes to clean the supply, intake and return ducts throughout your home. The very tools used to clean the ducts can tear holes in the flex lines, or break apart the insulation.

There is no research at the present time proving that these methods improve air quality or reduce dust in your home. There is however, evidence that dirty coils, motors and air handlers can make you unit much less efficient. We recommend you should have your entire system inspected and cleaned twice a year – once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Beware of some companies scare tactics claiming your home is unhealthy.

  • Ask for full service – just cleaning the ducts as we stated can do more harm than good. Be sure they are cleaning the components of your system.
  • Get and check references – referrals from neighbors is how we get most of our business!
  • Written estimate – know what you are paying up front. No repairs should be made until you approve the cost.
  • Avoid gimmicks used to get in the door – “$79 whole house special” is usually a scam to get in the door and tell you that major repairs or a new system is needed.
  • Certifications and licenses – make sure the company you are dealing with is fully licensed and insured.
  • Don’t get fooled by photos – the supply duct should be clean. The air intake can be dirty if you are not changing your filters monthly.
  • Anything using steam or moisture should be completely avoided.

We hope this helps you answer “should I clean my HVAC ducts?”


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