Tips to Keep the Heat In

Growing up, our parents always told us to not let the warm air out. Here are some tips to keep the heat in your home or business:

  • Thermostat- Set the temperature lower during the cold weather, especially if there is no one in the building/home. The greater the difference between the set temperature and outside temperature, the more the system will struggle. The greater the set difference may also increase the energy bill. Along those lines, if you are to change the set temperature, do so in small increments. This way we avoid overworking the system and/or turning on the Auxiliary or Emergency heat.
  • Air- Make sure to check the air filters monthly. We recommend changing them every month to every other month depending on the living situations. If you live alone or are not inside often, you can expect to change the filters less often. On the other hand, if the space occupies multiple people and/or have furry pets, consider changing the filters every month. It is important to note that there are other living expectations that change the frequency for changing the air filters. Moving on, make sure all doors and windows exposed to the outside are sealed properly. Adding the proper sealing prevent the outside air coming in and the inside air leaking out. This goes hand in hand with avoiding opening and closing doors/windows frequently.
  • Gas- Always turn off gas logs off and extinguish fireplaces before going to bed or leaving your home/business. If the space smells like gas or rotten eggs, call 911. There is likely a gas leak and everyone will need to evacuate.
  • Additional- Try opening any blinds during the day and closing them at night. Also, DO NOT use gas ovens or stoves to heat the building or area, only use them as implied. Along those lines, do not use generators as your main source of power either. Overuse of generators can cause burnout and prevent your system from recovering to it’s normal operations. We also recommend installing carbon monoxide detectors along with checking the batteries as regularly as smoke detectors.


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