Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning and Heating System

If your air conditioning or heating system refuses to work, try troubleshooting before calling a professional, Many times there is a simple solution, and if the problem is more complex, at least you can point the technician in the right direction.

If your HVAC system does not turn on, the first step in troubleshooting your air conditioning and heating system is to check the thermostat. Is it on and set properly? Is the blower control switch in the proper position? Has the temperature setting been accidentally moved? Try turning the thermostat on and off to reset the electronics and possible fix the problem. In the worst case scenario when something needs to be replaced, the thermostat is what you want to fail. Installing a new one is an easy repair.

Another common failure is a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Furnaces with central air units draw a tremendous amount of power. Older units draw even more power and older homes have difficulty handling the demands. Look inside your home’s master electric box to see if the fuse controlling the system is bad or if the breaker switch is out of alignment with the others. Replace or flip as necessary. Some units may have fuses and switches in other locations near or inside the unit itself. Look beside the furnace for a blower switch or a furnace power control. Inspect the pilot light if the blower works but the air isn’t warm. Consult one of our licensed technicians at LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc. for more information and in-depth repairs.

Sometimes a central air system simply freezes up. If the unit runs when the temperatures are too low outside, the system may be undersized or the coolant levels too low. The unit can actually ice over and refuse to work. The solution is turning off the air for a few hours and letting it warm up. However, this may be a temporary fix and it will likely freeze up again. Call us at LHT for further troubleshooting your air conditioning and heating system.

Finally, understand that all things have a life expectancy – even your HVAC system. If major components fail or your system needs frequent repairs, it may be time to send it to the dump and purchase a newer, more efficient one.


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