Your A/C’s condensate drain line . . .

If you've ever taken a good look at your air conditioning unit, you may have noticed a small dripping line on the outside. This is your A/C's condensate drain line, which plays an important role in removing condensation produced by your air conditioner's evaporator coil. If this line is not properly cleaned, it will clog and cause elevated humidity, musty odors and water damage inside your home.


Here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc., we take the cleaning of the condensate line very seriously. A large percentage of our service calls are due to the line being clogged. Here's how we clean your drain line:

  1. Turn off the power to your HVAC system at the thermostat and at the breaker.
  2. Check the air handler's drain pan for standing water. This pan is under your air handler and is there to catch water before leaking through your ceiling. If there is standing water, this is a sure sign your drain line is clogged. We will vacuum up the water and wipe out the drain pan.
  3. We will then identify the access point of the drain line. Usually, the drain will have a T-shaped vent with a PVC cover. We will flush this to remove any debris.
  4. We will then flush the drain line with water from a hose. This may upset some people when we drag a hose into their home and up into their attic, but this method is much better than suction through a vacuum. 
  5. Underlying problems can also be responsible for compromised water flow. If the pan or drain are slightly tilted, water can build up and eventually overflow. Make sure your drain pan is equipped with overflow sensors. They will shut off your system before overflowing and causing damage to your home.
  6. You also may need to have an access vent installed. This makes it easier to flush the drain line during regular maintenance appointments.

A clean A/C's condensate drain line will also prevent algae and mold from growing within the lines and keep the air quality in your home at a healthy level for you and your family.




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