Your attic is too hot ~

When it’s hot outside, it’s hotter in your attic. How can you tell if your attic is too hot? A hot attic is bad for several reasons. High temperatures inside your attic will shorten the life span of your shingles. Excessive heat also deteriorates items you store in your attic. It can also cause moisture problems in your home.

  • Take your attic’s temperature – hang an outdoor thermometer in your attic. Record the outdoor and attic temperatures over several days.
  • Note excessive heat – if it’s 90 degrees outside, the attic temperature shouldn’t be more than 110 degrees. More often than not, attic temperatures will be in excess of 125 degrees on a 90 degree day. This will overwork your air conditioning equipment, run up your utility bill and shorten the life of your roof.
  • Ridge vents help – excessive heat can escape through ridge vents. These are shingle covered openings in the peak of your roof. They can be  installed on new or existing roofs.
  • Assess your insulation – attics can be insulated against heat or cold. Have an insulation specialist evaluate your home’s needs.
  • An attic fan may help – if you have a roof vent and a roof fan, the fan will draw its air from the roof vent.
  • Pick the right fan – electric fans come in gable and roof mounted versions. Solar fans are not recommended because they do not turn fast enough. Look for precision balanced metal blades and minimum noise. Choose a fan with a built-in thermostat that’s adjustable. Use a screen to keep out birds and small animals.
  • Find an electrician – hire a licensed electrician to install an attic fan. Get permits and inspections. For a roof-mounted fan, hire an electrician with roofing experience. You don’t want holes in your roof letting in rain water.
  • Place it right – install the fan away from bedrooms and at the highest point in your attic.


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