Your HVAC in Spring . . .

Springtime brings a lot of wonderful things – warm weather, flowers, fresh cut grass – but your HVAC in Spring may not be one of them. Pollen, those little yellow particles, makes it way everywhere, including throughout your HVAC system. Dust is also a problem, along with condensation – a natural effect of running your air conditioning.images-1

Pollen:  Most of the problems can be solved and sometimes avoided completely with a good old-fashioned cleaning. Jut be sure to tend to any issues early on instead of later. When they are still small problems, they are easy to address and less expensive to repair. Left unattended, your home might grow smellier and it will be much more difficult to rid your system of these pesky contaminants.

Clogged drain:  As the weather begins to warm up, humidity increases and the air conditioning gets turned on. If it has been sitting all winter condensation in the drain can grow mildew or algae and prohibit proper drainage. This will clog the drain and your unit will not work properly. The drain pan should also be cleaned.

Dirty coils:  Outside your home, your HVAC system has an evaporator coil. Inside, there is a condenser coil. Each one has a very specific job and both are impaired when the coils are dirty from seasonal pollen and dust. Call us here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc., for a Spring tune-up and maintenance.

Dirty, smelly air:  The first time you turn on your HVAC system in the Spring can send some awfully smelly air throughout your home. The same can happen with the heat in Fall/Winter season. Try not to switch back and forth from heating to cooling throughout the day as this can only make the problem worse.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is critical to maximizing efficiency and keeping your home comfortable. So remember to take care of your HVAC in Spring!


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