More reasons for a Fall HVAC Cleaning

Here are a few more reasons why you should schedule a fall HVAC cleaning!

If you wanted to check out the first few, here’s the link:

#1. Better Air Quality

Allergies, asthma, and influenza. These are very common respiratory issues impacted by the air we are around. We want the air quality in your home at an optimum. An easy way to do that is by getting your system cleaned this fall!

Since winter is an easy time get sick, we want to make the air in our home clean. Thankfully, we will change your filters when we come in! Additionally, we recommend you changing them monthly. Doing this in the fall will help with your health in the upcoming cold.

#2. Scheduling is Easier all Around

Everyone has their own life and it gets busy in the winter with the late holidays. With fall HVAC cleaning, we call and schedule ahead of time to make sure we follow the company’s and customer’s objectives. Then we try to get there before the holidays roll around or after if necessary. This makes sure the company is open for emergency calls for the harsher weather and you all are open to spend time with your family and friends. Also, scheduling your cleaning helps us make note of an ideal time for your next spring cleaning.

#3. Help Prevent Emergencies

Sometimes things can go wrong with your heat pumps. HVAC systems are ran by fuel and emit CO(carbon monoxide). If the system is not evaluated, consequently, the fuel may cause fires, burns, or extra emission of CO. Naturally, we know fire is not to be messed with. Similarly with CO, around 100,000 visit the ER for CO poisoning and over 400 die each year. For this purpose, we want to make sure your system is not overworked and is safe. Winter can be a harsh time on your system. In brief, having it cleaned in the fall can help with your safety and it’s function.

To learn more about CO, check out CDC’s FAQ on carbon monoxide:


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