Questions To Ask When Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner

Did you know your air conditioner doesn’t last forever? I know, shocking as it may sound! The good news is that if you have an old air conditioning system, replacing it will save you money. Efficiency has improved a lot since that old hunk of metal was installed. However, getting a new air conditioning system needs some careful thought. Here […]

How Your Heat Pump Works In Cold Weather

Did you know the same system that keeps you cool in the summer can also keep your home warm in the winter? If you did not, then read on to discover how your heat pump works in cold weather. How heat pumps operate: The heat pump got its name for its ability to pump heat out of your home during […]

Advances In HVAC Technology

Advances in HVAC technology mean savings! While high-tech products like smart watches, 3D printing and self-driving cars are quick to grad headlines, there’s been a number of game-changing advancements made in the HVAC industry that deserve some fanfare as well. The most noteworthy technologies are those designed to improve efficiency, which can save you a significant amount of money when […]

Don’ts When Hiring An HVAC Contractor

The most important part of shopping for a new heating and air conditioning system is to pick the right contractor. Choose the wrong one, and you may risk getting a system that will not do what it is supposed to do. Follow these don’ts when hiring an HVAC contractor! Don’t assume all contractors are the same. Sadly, some are downright dishonest! […]

Top Reasons To Add A Humidifier To Your Home

Adding a humidifier to your home – especially during the dry winter months – offers a host of benefits. When you live in a dry climate or have a cold, dry winter, you and the things in your home can suffer various ill effects from the dry air. Indoor air, especially in winter, can have humidity levels at around 10 […]

Troubleshooting Tips For Winter Icing

During the colder winter months, your heat pump’s outdoor unit will sometimes be coated with frost, or even light layer of ice, on the sides. This is perfectly normal and your equipment will go into “defrost” mode to remove that frost. However, follow these troubleshooting tips for winter icing if the unit has a heavy iced coating, the coils are […]

Winter Woes & Your HVAC

When the weather outside is frightful all we want to do is snuggle inside with our nearest and dearest and enjoy the warmth of our cozy home. But what if winter woes and your HVAC aren’t keeping you as cozy as they should be. Take a look at these common HVAC issues that can plague your home during the winter […]

Tips For Wintertime HVAC Maintenance

When it’s cold outside, cooling equipment is likely to be the last thing on your mind. However, winter can be a great time to upgrade, repair, replace or reset your cooling system. Scheduling cooling adjustments during the heating season offers two advantages: HVAC technicians have more time available outside their peak season, and better wintertime maintenance helps you avoid the […]

Safety First This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is done – Christmas is on it’s way – so remember safety first this holiday season. No matter what holiday you celebrate – Christmas, Hanukkah, etc., we’re excited to share in the holiday spirit. It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities, but while you’re decorating the house, remember safety first! There are over 10,000 injuries every year related to holiday […]

Winter Weather Tips For Your Home

With winter weather just around the corner, now is the time to make sure your heating system will keep you out of the cold. Proper care can keep your unit running efficiently this winter and help you avoid costly repairs. Follow these winter weather tips for your home! Most heating systems require very little owner maintenance. However, operating a dirty […]


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