Fall Tune Up Means No Winter Screw Up

Keeping your HVAC system running efficiently is a matter of maintaining it throughout the year. Seasonal maintenance is an ideal way to ensure that the system is ready to heat or cool your home as the weather changes. Remember a fall tune-up equals no winter screw-up! The importance of a Fall Tune-up: Homeowners may wonder why their HVAC system needs […]

Great Strides In HVAC Technology

Research has shown that more than half the energy used in the average home goes toward heating and cooling. Great strides in HVAC technology have made these systems more energy efficient. With the average homeowner spending upwards of $1,500 a year on energy bills, it adds up to a significant amount of money. Because conditioning a home represents the lion’s […]

Are There Ghosts In Your Ducts?

Halloween is behind us, but you hear sounds in your home. Are there ghosts in your ducts? Let’s look at the most common duct-related ghosts you have in your home. Mysterious closing doors: No ghost story is complete with the mention of doors closing on their own. Due to the layout of many home’s HVAC systems, this is a very […]

Flood Damage & Your HVAC

Here is a quick list of items to know about flood damage and your HVAC unit. First and foremost, go to your breaker panel and turn off the power to your AC unit. More damage could potentially occur if electricity flows into the unit. Second, contact your homeowner’s insurance company and see if you have coverage from flooding or storm […]

Smart Thermostats In Your Home

Many manufacturers are bringing web-connected smart thermostats to the market. Multi-service operators (MSOs), home security monitoring services and other smart home device manufacturers are taking a new approach using connected smart thermostats as part of a wider smart home system. The end-user benefit of having a smart thermostat is that the product makes decisions about cooling and heating based on […]

Turn Up The Heat!

Before you turn up the heat, be sure to have a professional, like the techs at LHT Cooling, Heating and Refrigeration, Inc., come inspect and service your heating unit each year before you use it.  You certainly don’t want to risk it breaking down on you once winter is in full swing. LHT will perform a check-up that will include […]

Save Money By Turning Down The Heat

As the chillier nights are coming, you can save money by turning down the heat when you don’t need it. If you plan to be away from home for 4 hours or more and you normally keep you heat set at 65 degrees, you can turn it down to 55 to 60 degrees. Keeping within 10 degrees is a much […]

Recycle Your Old Thermostat

Mercury thermostats use mercury switches to control room temperature through communication with HVAC equipment. Older thermostats often contain mercury. Is it time to recycle your old thermostat? Mercury thermostats have bi-metal coils that contract and expand with room temperature. When the coil contracts or expands, it activates the mercury switch, which opens or closes a circuit to make the furnace, […]

Things To Have In Case of a Hurricane

An action plan and a well-stocked disaster preparation kit are highly recommended things to have on hand in case of a hurricane. Having the whole family ready can make preparations once warnings are issued much easier. The following items can be extremely helpful in an emergency situation. It is best to store these items in sturdy, easy-to-carry containers such as […]

Fall Cleaning

In the Fall and Winter we use our homes more and close them up to shut out the colder weather. While we’re protecting ourselves inside, we are trapping dust, dander and mold that can make us sick. Before you start to batten down the hatches for winter weather, make sure you do your fall cleaning! Bedding – wash all bedding in […]


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