Your HVAC and Your Pets

Pets are your family members. They love unconditionally. They are always happy to see you. However, having pets in your home also means having pet hair and dander all over your home. The vacuum cleaner becomes the most used appliance in your home. We have compiled a list of ways to keep your HVAC working efficiently with our pets! Groom […]

Heating and cooling your garage

A lot of people are looking to their garage to add useful living space to their house, or they have a workshop and would like to have use of it 12 months a year. Heating and cooling your garage can be tricky. There are several options we can look at. The Ductless Mini-split: these are extremely popular options for cooling […]

Keep your a/c safe while decorating for Halloween

It’s October. Everyone is pulling our their Fall decorations. Here are some tips to keep your a/c safe while decorating for Halloween. Maintain your system’s safety when decorating. When the temperature starts to drop, out come the ghosts and goblins of Halloween season. Halloween is the first of the year-end holidays that bring out the decorating spirit in people. While […]

Options for heating and cooling a sunroom

Are you looking to add a sunroom to your home? Keeping it comfortable can be a struggle. You have several options for heating and cooling a sunroom. Here in South Carolina, our summers are very hot and humid, but we also need to heat our living space in the winter. Deciding which option works best for you will depend on […]

End of Summer tips for your a/c

Your air conditioner has kept you cool and comfortable during the hottest days this Summer. As we say good-bye to Summer, let’s look at these end of Summer tips for your a/c. Examine your unit for anything unusual. Carve out some time observing your a/c. Give it a visual check-up by looking for frayed wires, leaks and damaged internal parts. […]

Time for Fall HVAC Maintenance

With the kids back in school and Fall and Winter holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to do some routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system. By putting a little effort into making sure your HVAC system is working properly, you will significantly reduce your energy consumption and make the switch from cooling to heating as smooth […]

Evaporator Coil Leaks Caused by Corrosion

Your HVAC system relies on several different components to ensure keeping your home comfortable. Many of these components help refrigerant flow through the system. The actual cooling of your home takes place in the evaporator coil. Cool liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporate coil, while warm air from your home moves across refrigerant lines. The coil’s refrigerant absorbs the heat […]

Spring HVAC Maintenance

There are many benefits of Spring HVAC Maintenance! Here are just a few reasons you should not skip cleaning your HVAC system this Spring. Save money! You can save money and protect your bottom line. Prevent costly breakdowns – regular maintenance reduces risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95% Reduce energy bills – preventative maintenance ensures your system […]

Set thermostat to “on” or “auto”

Which thermostat setting costs more money? Should I set thermostat to “on” or “auto”? Almost every thermostat features separate controls for heating and air conditioning. You set to “heat” when you want to heat, “cool” when you want to cool and “off” for those few months where you don’t need either. But what about the fan? There are pros and […]

Why is my heat blowing cold air?

It’s cold out. You turn on your heat. It’s not getting warmer. Why is my heat blowing cold air? It’s a chilly problem that no one wants to deal with. There are several possible causes why cold air is coming out of your vents. It’s hard to guess what is going on without a technician looking at your equipment. But […]


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