Heat pump vs furnace

There are two types of heating systems to choose from: heat pump vs furnace. Figuring out which is best suited for where you live can be a difficult decision. Heat pumps, for instance, work better in warmer climates with a milder winter. Furnaces, however, can brave the harshest weather that nature can dish out.  First, furnaces are measured using an […]

So why does it feel colder when it’s humid?

So why does it feel colder when it's humid?  Temperatures are dropping, but the humidity is still higher. You may think that is not true, but listen here. One hundred percent humidity – it's raining. Anyone who has ever been caught in a cold rain wearing inadequate clothing knows that 100% humidity during cool weather makes you feel much colder […]

Prepare your heating system for cooler weather . . .

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Now is the time here in South Carolina to prepare your heating system for cooler weather. Here are a few tips to help with the process: Order a complete preventative maintenance. No matter what sort of heating system your home uses, it's best to have it checked annually by a […]

Fall HVAC Preventative Maintenance Tips

Have you serviced your heating system for the winter ahead? Listen to our Fall HVAC preventative maintenance tips! Whether you are a homeowner or property manager, you will need to find a reliable HVAC professional – like those here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc. A well maintained and serviced HVAC system will be more efficient both in functionality […]

Do I really need HVAC inspections twice a year?

Many people wonder do I really need HVAC inspections twice a year. We certainly appreciate that you want to be as efficient and cost effective when maintaining your HVAC system, but we firmly believe it is better to have 2 inspections/cleanings done – one in the Spring and one in the Fall – or roughly 6 months apart. Even though […]

Fall maintenance for your heating system

In the fall, many homeowners are busy preparing their property for the winter. From the extra task of raking leaves to sealing cracks and applying weather stripping to keep the cold air out, there are many tasks on your to-do lists. One more to add to the list this time of the year is Fall maintenance for your HVAC system. […]

Is your air conditioner ready for the hurricane?

Remember, as you make your plans and prepare your emergency hurricane kits, pay special attention – is your air conditioner ready for the hurricane? You’ve spent a lot of money having these systems installed and maintained. With proper precautions you can protect your investment and avoid an unpleasant situation. Here are a few steps to follow in order for your […]

Fall maintenance for your heating system . . .

It may only be September, but now is the time to think about the Fall maintenance for your heating system. Even though we are still enjoying warm summer-like weather here in Myrtle Beach, it's not too early to have your Fall HVAC cleaning done. You will benefit greatly when that temperature starts to drop in a few short months. Some […]


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