Protect your AC system during hurricane season ~

June 1st thru November 30th is hurricane season. With luck, we won’t experience any massive hurricanes this year. However, they are quite unpredictable – so protect your AC system during hurricane season with these tips. The first recommendation is to shut everything down if it looks like a power outage is inevitable. This will help reduce the risk of blowing […]

Safety First

Whether due to damage or inadequate maintenance, your HVAC system can quickly become a safety hazard. Here are some “safety first” issues you should be aware of. Carbon monoxide poisoning – a serious and sometimes fatal situation that can arise when any gas-burning system in your home is damaged, improperly installed or inadequately maintained. It can cause serious brain damage, […]

Indoor Air Quality ~

Indoor air contamination is a stealthy predator. It is making millions of people sick and most have no idea what is going on. Poor indoor air quality has been identified as one of the most significant health concerns by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The health effects of indoor air contamination are listed below. Have you, your family members or your […]

Tips for choosing the right air filter

If you have strolled down the air filter section at the home improvement store recently, it is clear that choosing the right filter may take a little homework. Follow these tips for choosing the right air filter with this first task to identify your needs with the following questions: Do you want to capture mold spores? Are there very young […]

Green Technologies Changing HVAC ~

Green technologies changing HVAC is here today! The reliance on green energy has several benefits, including the ability to decrease the “environmental footprint” on the planet. Companies worldwide are involved in research to create more energy-efficient traditional systems as well as new types of systems that run off alternative energies.  On command hot water re-circulator – This product saves money, […]

3 Reasons for Spring HVAC Maintenance . . .

Spring cleaning can seem like an overwhelming chain of tasks, especially when you would rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. An early start is important, and one of the first areas to consider is one that is commonly neglected by homeowners. The following 3 reasons for Spring HVAC maintenance will show why it should be a priority in your […]

Repair vs. Replacement

If your HVAC is moving up in age and your find yourself needing yet another repair to the unit, you may be contemplating Repair vs. Replacement. Many considerations will go into your decision. Benefits to Replacement Cost savings: If your system is more than 10 years old and repairs costs are approaching 50 percent of the value of the system, […]

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Many HVAC contractors offer priority service for customers who sign up for a bi-annual maintenance or service agreement. LHT Cooling and Heating is one of those contractors. Following our preventative maintenance checklist will ensure that your system runs as efficiently as possible. We perform the following tasks depending on the unit: Outdoor Units: Inspect unit for proper refrigerant levels and […]

Your HVAC in Spring . . .

Springtime brings a lot of wonderful things – warm weather, flowers, fresh cut grass – but your HVAC in Spring may not be one of them. Pollen, those little yellow particles, makes it way everywhere, including throughout your HVAC system. Dust is also a problem, along with condensation – a natural effect of running your air conditioning. Pollen:  Most of […]

Win the war against pollen . . .

It’s officially pollen season! Everything is in full bloom and that dreaded yellow pollen cloud is everywhere. Your car is covered, your home is covered, and we here at LHT Cooling, Heating & Refrigeration, Inc. have your HVAC system covered! To win the war against pollen, the following steps will help you deal with this inconvenience as best you can. […]


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